Lighten up your trading experience with Jiggly!

Collaborate in real-time simply by buying or selling tokens to compose music directly on-chain!

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How it works

Jiggly turns your trades into sound commands for a simplified 3-channel Game Boy-style sound synthesizer.


Use the in-app composer to create the music you wish to immortalize on the blockchain.


Share and debate compositions and market parameters to create a common goal to pursue.


Trade to influence the composition and take pride in participation.

The token that creates music as you trade!

The native token introduces a trade-to-vote system that enables collective decision making whilst rewarding consensus participation.

It is fully on-chain, trustless and decentralized.


  • Supply: 42 000 000
  • Reward pool: 41 000 000
  • Beta LP: 1 000 000
  • 0.5% TX volume to reward pool.
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The token has no owner, all internal policies are governed by a direct voting interface allowing anyone with an idea to submit new mediums for creating community driven compositions beyond sound.


Jump right in

Although still in beta, Jiggly is already available for you to play around with!

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Jiggly is made with love and care